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Living with an Ostomy

Living with an Ostomy

You're 3+ months post-surgery! As you become more knowledgeable and eager to learn more, here are some great resources for finding information about your ostomy and keeping your skin around the stoma healthy. Let us provide you with helpful online tools to ensure you still have the right product and problem solve issues such as stoma bag leaks or painful skin near your stoma.
Ostomy Care Routines
Learn ostomy care routines for both applying and removing appliances.  As well as keeping your skin healthy.
Ostomy Trouble Shooting
Find advice to help troubleshoot solutions that solve common issues such as irritated skin and leakage.
Ostomy Pouch Leakage
Unwanted leakage is a concern for many ostomates. Find ways to prevent leakage in those moments.
Ostomy PancakingPancaking is like a "vacuum" when the inside of the ostomy pouch is stuck to the stoma.
Ostomy Skin IrritationSkin irritation around the stoma is normally caused by leakage from the ostomy pouch.  With the output from your stoma getting underneath the flange attached to your skin.
Ostomy BallooningBallooning is when a build-up of gas in the ostomy pouch makes your pouch inflate like a balloon.
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