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Brennen Skin Graft Mesher

Brennen Skin Graft Mesher

Entrust your valuable autografts to a mesher with decades of reliable performance.


  • Non-crushing mesher pinches instead of cutting graft, maintaining graft integrity
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Consistently creates uniform pattern
  • Provides years of reliable performance with proper care
  • Provides confidence in successful meshing and in use of capital budge


  • Totally self-contained/no interchangeable parts, reducing risk of parts being lost/damaged
  • Weighted design provides stability while meshing and holds mesher firmly in place for unassisted operation

Graft Versatility

  • Automatically adjusts to various thicknesses of skin
  • Variety of expansion ratios

No Carriers Required

  • Saves cost, time and trouble of ordering disposable carriers
  • Allows meshing of any length graft
  • Minimizes risk of unmeshed areas


  • No sharp blades, reducing operator injury
  • No blades to sharpen

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