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Symptoms of Ostomy Leaks

Symptoms of Ostomy Leaks

Identifying leakage and how it differs from appliance irritation or other complications.

If you develop skin problems or complications, it's important that you consult your ostomy nurse immediately. They can provide the best advice and solutions. Nevertheless, spotting the signs early can help you catch potential skin issues before they develop.

Begin by looking for any output from the stoma, either on the skin or on the back of the adhesive border. Even if there is no immediate visual sign of a leak, keep an eye out for anything unusual, such as the adhesive plate looking "melted." This could indicate the adhesive has reacted with the output.

Signs of mechanical irritation

If your skin is red, sore, moist, or maybe bleeding a little, but there is no leakage, the problem may be "mechanical." Mechanical issues mean that your skin is irritated by removing the bag too often, removing the bag too toughly, or cleaning or scrubbing your skin too aggressively. 

To avoid this type of irritation, try to be as gentle as possible when removing the adhesive base plate (flange/barrier) and cleaning the skin. 


  1. Slowly peel the adhesive base plate off rather than tearing or ripping it off. 
  2. Use the other hand to hold the skin taut to help reduce stress on the skin. 
  3. Try accessories such as Adhesive Removers to help remove the appliance.
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