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What is Pancaking?

What is Pancaking?

Pancaking occurs when the inner layers of the ostomy pouch stick together. This creates a vacuum that prevents the contents from falling to the bottom, potentially blocking the filter. There is a risk that the pouch will push away from the abdomen and become detached. 

What can you do to prevent pancaking?

If you are experiencing pancaking, try the below tips!

  • Before applying, blow some air into the pouch, then place the filter cover on. Doing this will ensure that some of the air stays inside the bag. After you experience output, try removing the filter cover to encourage the contents to fall to the bottom of the pouch. 
  • Some ostomates find it helpful to roll up a small piece of toilet paper or insert a cotton ball into the pouch.
  • Using a drop of lubricant on the inside of the pouch near the top will encourage output to slide to the bottom of the bag. Lubricant, or lubricating deodorant, will help empty the pouch (if using a drainable pouch system), as well as prevent pouch static.  
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