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After Ostomy Surgery

After Ostomy Surgery

The days following ostomy surgery can be challenging. You have a bag attached to your stomach and many new things to learn. It’s important to remember that it takes time to adapt to this change, but in time it will get easier. With resources such as your ostomy care nurse (NSWOCC), product programs, support from your vendor, and ostomy support groups, you will learn how to change your ostomy appliance, and take care of your skin and your stoma. 
The first 3 months post-surgery will be a crucial time for learning more about your ostomy and information to guide you through the process will be invaluable. Classic Health can help provide tips and information about how to manage your ostomy, keep your skin healthy and troubleshoot problems. 
Life with an ostomy
Adjusting to life with an ostomy
While still in hospital, your ostomy care nurse will teach you how to take care of your stoma.  Never be afraid to ask questions as there is a lot of information and new things to learn.  


What will my stoma look like

What will my stoma look like?
You will be wearing an ostomy pouch when you wake up from surgery.  It will most likely be transparent so the nurses, and you, can check on your new stoma easily. 


Skin Care

How do I take care of my skin?
Caring for the skin around your stoma and preventing skin breakdown is a major component in stoma and ostomy care. By taking care of your skin you are more likely to be more comfortable and achieve optimal wear-time. 
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