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Intimate Hygiene - Protecting your Skin

Intimate Hygiene - Protecting your Skin

How to avoid skin irritation due to urinary incontinence

Excess moisture is a huge contributor to skin irritations. If you have urinary incontinence, it's essential that you find a product that will securely wick away urine at the pad or liner's core so your skin remains dry. If you struggle with sensitive skin, try using a gentle cleanser and other care products to avoid irritation.

How to avoid skin irritation from urinary leakage:

  • Avoid using harsh soaps. A no-rinse product will protect sensitive and delicate skin while still cleansing the area. 
  • Use good-quality incontinence products made to protect the skin. These are usually fabricated with breathable material to avoid getting a rash from wearing incontinence pads.
  • Talk to your healthcare provider. Urinary incontinence and bladder weakness can be treated. A healthcare provider or physician can provide advice and a treatment plan or refer you to a specialist.  
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