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Dealing with Bladder Weakness During Intimacy

Dealing with Bladder Weakness During Intimacy

Yes – you can still be intimate with your partner.

Urinary leakage during sex is more common than you think and can occur in women of all ages. However, the frequency varies greatly depending on the type of bladder weakness you may be struggling with. Several things can be done to reduce bladder weakness or avoid it altogether. Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to talk to your partner. Trust and understanding make it easier to maintain intimacy in relationships.

Tips to prevent urinary leakage during sex:

  • Empty the bladder. Emptying the bladder before sex can significantly reduce the risk and size of a leak. Avoiding beverages such as tea, coffee, and alcohol can also help.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Studies show that women who practice Kegel exercises regularly have less leakage during sex. In addition, strengthening pelvic floor muscles can lead to more intense orgasms.
  • Change positions. Some sex positions put less pressure on the bladder and urethra.

Consult a doctor. It may seem obvious, but don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about urinary incontinence during sex. Urinary incontinence can be treated and your doctor can give practical advice and refer you to a specialist if needed.

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