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Dealing with Leaks during Menopause

Dealing with Leaks during Menopause

Many women suffer from bladder weakness during menopause. There is evidence that hormonal changes and deficient estrogen levels can affect the abdominal muscles and cause a change in bladder position with consequent urinary leakage. In addition, the vaginal and urinary tract tissues dry out with age and may become thinner and less elastic. As if the hot flashes weren't enough.

Menopausal leaks don't have to stop you. You can manage your bladder weakness and leaks with the correct information and protection. Control your urinary leaks during your transition by following some of the tips below: 

  • Estrogen treatments. These can be in the form of a cream or vaginal suppository and can help manage menopausal symptoms. 
  • Kegel exercises. A few minutes of pelvic floor exercises added into your routine can reduce or eliminate the risk of leakage.

We always recommend consulting your healthcare provider or doctor to discuss the best treatment for you. 

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