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Primary Gravity IV Set, Vented/Non-Vented, Roller Clamp, MicroClave® Clear Needle-Free Y-Sites, Pre-Pierced Y-Sites, with Pre-Attached Ext Set, Slide Clamp, MicroClave® Clear Needle-Free Y-Site, Pre-Pierced Y-Site, 10 drops/ml, 104" Length, 13.4ml PV

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Amsino’s comprehensive line of gravity administration I.V. sets are designed to improve safety and infection prevention for both caregivers and patients.

Available in Needle-Free, Pre-Pierced and Injection Y-sites in an array of sets to meet your clinical needs. Available with or without pre-attached extension sets. Two types of Needle-Free Y-sites, the Sure-Lok® and MicroClave® Clear 10, 15, or 60 drops/mL sets available. Includes a rotating male luer lock. Non-pyrogenic. DEHP-Free, Latex-Free & Sterile. 50/cs