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Classic Ultra - Non-Sterile. 20/pkg, 10pkg/case. Sold by the case.

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Classic Ultra - Non-Sterile. 20/pkg, 10pkg/case.  Sold by the case.

The Classic Ultra is a large high capacity non-sterile 7x16 inch (17x40cm) secondary absorbent pad.  Specifically designed to meet the product requirements of wound clinicians, the Classic Ultra can hold up to 1 litre of fluid with the fluid being wicked to the center of the product leaving the pad dry to the touch. The Classic Ultra can absorb from both sides.  As this is a secondary absorbent product, something else would need to be in direct contact with the wound bed (Gauze, Adaptic, etc).  For Sterile version - please see Classic SteriSorb Ultras #S410180.