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CanDo Chair Cycle - Accessory - Upper Body Kit for Deluxe Exerciser

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CanDo Chair Cycle - Accessory - Upper Body Kit for Deluxe Exerciser:

This is a five-piece Upper Body accessory kit designed for exclusive use with the CanDo Deluxe Chair Cycle. A lower body exerciser, this chair cycle provides the therapeutic benefits of cycle exercise to those confined to a wheelchair or unable to sit comfortably on a conventional exercise cycle. These accessories allow the upper extremities to now get the  same benefits of the lower ones - restoration of muscle strength and improved coordination. The set includes left and right-hand straps, left and right extension arms and a long front leg wall support. Pedaling of the arms improves blood circulation and increases strength and flexibility after an injury or surgery. Ideal for keeping the elderly flexible and active. A convenient turning knob on the unit makes it possible to adjust the resistance, resulting in a progressive exercise program. Please note, the extension arms must never be used for leg exercise. Comes with a fully illustrated instruction guide. Attaching the extension arms to the long pedal arms increases the pedal arm radius and range of motion. The hand straps provide additional support to the hands and wrists during upper extremity exercise. Weak hands are not a deterrent for upper body exercising. A spring on the hand support fits into a slot on the pedal platform, so a firm grip isn't needed. The resistance adjusts from 0-29 lbs. allowing users to customize the workout that is best for them. Easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild dish soap.