Brava®: Elastic Barrier Strip XL, 30/bx

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The Brava® Elastic Barrier Strips XL is placed over the edges of a baseplate to increase the feeling of security. The larger adhesive design of the Brava® Elastic Barrier Strips XL compared with the original Elastic Tape, covers more of the abdomen and provides additional support by ensuring that the edges of the adhesive do not lift or roll. Even during sports and similar activities, it is designed to provide an increased feeling of security. The Brava® Elastic Barrier Strips XL can be used with all SenSura® Mio baseplates and two pieces of tape may be used depending on the individual need for support. It is part of the Brava® Elastic Tape portfolio developed with new BodyFit Technology®, which provides a tape solution for different body sizes and shapes.

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