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How To Use Classic Health Absorbent Products

Some wounds drain copious amounts of fluid and require frequent dressing changes to help prevent skin breakdown. Frequent dressing changes often slow down the rate of healing as well as cost a lot of money between nursing time and dressing supplies. The products usually used for heavily draining wounds are foam dressings or hydrofibre dressings and they are very expensive.  ABD pads are also used but they do not have the capacity to absorb heavy drainage and therefore require frequent dressing changes using up expensive nursing time. 

The Classic Absorbent Products are designed to absorb large amounts of wound exudate.  As a secondary absorbent dressing, it can be used in conjunction with other products such as sterile gauze, Adaptic, Aquacel, Mepilex Transfer, etc.  At pennies a piece, the Classic Absorbent line can reduce the cost associated with dressing supplies, nursing time and frequency of dressing changes.

Areas of Use

  • Abdominal wounds.
  • Chest wounds.
  • Weeping legs.
  • Under compression wraps.
  • Back wounds.
  • Post-operative wounds.

 Who Uses Them?

  • Homecare - (non-sterile)
  • Medicine - (non-sterile and sterile)
  • Wound Clinics - (non-sterile and sterile)
  • Post Surgical Units - (sterile)
  • Operating Rooms - (sterile)
  • Burn Units - (non-sterile and sterile)
  • Cancer Units - (non-sterile and sterile)

We have different sizes available in both sterile and non-sterile.  The product is under contract with most health regions in western Canada.