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Sure Seal Rings - Be Free to Do Almost Anything

Sure Seal Rings - Be Free to Do Almost Anything

We provide you with the opportunity to resume your daily life without the fear of your stoma bag leaking or detaching. The adhesive of the Sure Seal™ Rings makes sure that your pouch is secure, keeping your stoma safe. 

The sure seal ring is made of clear plastic with adhesive on one side. They fit over your wafer and adhere to the body by holding it to the skin. 

Intimacy ~ Sports ~ Sauna ~ Bathe ~ Yoga ~ Hot Tub ~ Swimming and More 

  • Completely Waterproof 
  • Keeps Leaks Trapped 
  • See through Material Matches any Skin Tone 
  • Skin-Friendly and Hypo-Allergenic Barrier 

Sizing Guide 

  • Standard Size Sure SealTM Rings 
  • Medium Size Sure SealTM Rings 
  • Flanges Sizes: 32mm (1 1/4") - 50mm (2") 
  • Flanges Sizes: 45mm (1 3/4") Floating Flange & 51mm (2") - 72mm (2 3/4") 


Standard Size Sure Seal Rings - RS01-10



Medium Size Sure Seal Rings - RS02-10

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