Classic Health Supplies is open for business, however, the safety and health of our customers, employees, and community is our main priority.   

We are following the lead of Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer to make sure we can be helpful with slowing down the progress of the Covid-19 virus. These are the steps that we have taken to do our part to prevent community spread.

What We Are Doing 

  • To ensure that we remain healthy and open for business, we have divided our staff into two teams of people; these teams will alternate working week about. Thus, if one person shows any symptoms of illness then that entire team of employees will quarantine themselves while the other team comes to the office to ensure our clients still receive their medical supplies.  
  • Our retail area is closed to the general public to ensure our staff are protected and can continue to provide service to all our clients via phone, email or website.
  • If a customer needs to pick something up, they can let us know via phone or email and we will put it outside our door when they arrive.
  • If our clients are not comfortable coming to our store, then we encourage them to arrange for delivery of their medical supplies. Our driver will drop it off at the customer’s door.
  • All products coming into our warehouse are quarantined for 24 hours and the boxes are sanitized prior to being received and processed to minimize the potential spread of the virus.
  • We are regularly cleaning and disinfecting common areas throughout the day. This includes counters, door knobs, railings, and hardgoods. Hopefully this will help us stay healthy to continue to serve our customers.

If you have any concerns about product or service during this time, please email us at or call us at 780-421-4372. 

Please stay safe, please stay healthy and thank-you for what you do!


The Classic Health Team