When to Use Stoma Powder?

Skin around the stoma can sometimes become irritated due to leakage from the ostomy. Should the skin around your stoma become raw, broken, or weeping, you may find that your skin barrier wafer/flange may not adhere well, and this could lead to further leakage and damage to the skin. 

Stoma Powder can be applied to the skin around the stoma to help manage the moisture that causes raw, red, and weeping skin. The skin surrounding the stoma should be cleaned and patted dry, then a small amount of stoma powder applied to the raw, weeping area.  Gently brush away excess stoma powder with a tissue.

Once the skin has healed, then it is recommended that Stoma Powder be discontinued as it is not a preventative for further skin irritation. Stoma powder is a product you may consider if you are traveling to a warm or humid climate where your skin may perspire more than normal.

Please consult your ostomy nurse if you are experiencing any skin integrity issues