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What's Ostomy Powder?

What's Ostomy Powder?

Ostomy accessories can easily change your life. 

What should you do if the skin around the stoma becomes irritated due to leakage from the ostomy? If the skin around your stoma becomes raw, broken, or weeping, you may find that your skin barrier wafer/flange will not adhere well, and this could lead to further leakage and damage. Let's fix this!

Stoma Powder can be applied to the skin around the stoma to help manage the moisture that causes raw, red, and weeping skin. It's also used as an accessory when traveling to warm or humid climates (see Travelling with an Ostomy). Apply on clean and dry skin (gently pat dry) and then add a small amount of stoma powder to the raw, weeping area. Gently brush away excess stoma powder with a tissue. 

Once the skin has healed, then it's time to discontinue using Stoma Powder. Stoma Powder is not a preventative for further skin irritation

Any time you're experiencing issues you should always consult your nurse or a healthcare professional. You shouldn't ever be experiencing pain, broken or damaged skin, or skin irritation. 

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