When to use Skin Protective Wipes?

Skin protective wipes can be helpful for individuals who have to change their skin barrier wafer/flange more frequently, or who have fragile skin. The skin barrier wipe adds a protective layer to the skin which helps to maintain skin integrity from repeated exposure to adhesives and cleansing products.

The skin around the stoma should be cleansed as per normal and patted dry, then the skin barrier wipe can be wiped over the skin and allowed to dry prior to applying the flange/skin barrier. It's important to note that some skin barrier wipes contain alcohol and some do not. It's also important to be aware that skin barrier wipes are not recommended for extended wear skin barrier wafers as it can interfere with the extra adhesive. 

If you think this product might be right for you, or you are experiencing skin integrity issues, please consult with your ostomy nurse.