Travelling with an Ostomy

Travelling for the first time since you got your ostomy? Anything is possible - car rides, trains, planes or even cruise ships! Here are some things to consider before packing your bags.

What to bring:

  • Pack extra ostomy supplies and disposable plastic bags for the trip
  • Pack some of your supplies in your carry-on luggage for easy access (also a great backup if your luggage gets lost!)
  • Going somewhere hot? Pack some ostomy powder! This powder helps control moisture so your barrier adheres better and last longer. You'll thank us later. 
  • Consider Sure Seal Rings and waterproof tape if you're getting in the water. 
  • Pack apparel that you feel comfortable in (including swimwear). You don't want to spend your trip wishing you had brought something else to wear. 
  • Don't forget any of your prescription medications and make sure you have enough (with a few extra!). If you're flying, bring the original bottles.
  • Want to be extra prepared? Pack some allergy pills, anti-diarrhea, Gravol, and Tylenol or Advil.

Before you head out:

  • Keep in mind there are no scissors or fluids allowed in your carry-on if you're flying so pre-cut your skin barriers ahead of time.
  • Keep it fresh! Apply a new appliance prior to travelling.
  • Empty your pouch before your flight takes off. Airplane bathrooms are not known for their comfort or space. 
  • Stay hydrated! 
  • Consider getting a medical note from your doctor regarding your supplies in case airport security inquires (this is not usually an issue)
  • Do you have issues with seatbelts? Consider a Stealth Belt or Stoma Protector.