Travelling with an Ostomy

Travelling for the first time since you got your ostomy? Anything is possible - car rides, trains, planes or even cruise ships! Here are some things to consider before packing your bags:

  • Pack extra ostomy supplies and disposable plastic bags for the trip
  • Have some of your supplies in your carry-on luggage for easy access
  • Keep in mind there are no scissors or fluids allowed in your carry-on if you're flying so pre-cut your skin barriers ahead of time 
  • Apply a new appliance prior to travelling
  • Empty your bag before getting on a plane
  • Reinforce your skin barrier with tape if you feel insecure
  • Ostomy powder can be helpful if going to a warm country as you may perspire more, and so will the skin around your ostomy. The powder will maintain dryness around the stoma to allow the adhesive to last longer.
  • Sure Seal Rings or waterproof tape are great options to consider if you plan to go swimming or in the water
  • If concerned about odour, then pack an ostomy deodorant
  • Pack swimming apparel that suits comfort level
  • Stay hydrated
  • Prescription for medication needed for travel e.g. anti-diarrhea
  • A medical note from your doctor regarding your supplies in case airport security inquires (this is not usually an issue)

There are often concerns regarding use of seat belts in cars and planes.  If the seat belt cannot be adjusted to accommodate the ostomy, then perhaps consider a Stoma Guard.