Protecting your stoma during exercise or work

Get back to doing what you love.

Maybe you're new to having an ostomy, or you're looking for more information because you just got a new job, or you find you're experiencing discomfort or pain from your seatbelt. Once you have recovered from your surgery having an ostomy should not prevent you from participating in any activities that you previously enjoyed. Most exercises and/or returning to work is typically recommended, unless otherwise advised by your doctor. However, it's important to know you can injure yourself, even just from routine activities or work. 

There are 2 great options for protecting or supporting your stoma.

Stoma Guards can help to protect your stoma from clothing, car seat belts, and/or trauma caused by sports or labor-intensive work. Simply put, they protect your stoma from impact. In any case, the guard will go over your stoma/appliance and stay in place using a specialized belt to hold it in place. 

Stealth Belts offer concealment, all-day comfort and support for your pouch, and is a great choice for those who are active looking for a bit more coverage and security.