Ostomy Belts

What's an ostomy belt?

Ostomy belts are an accessory to consider based on an ostomates comfort, and whether they feel more secure with a belt supporting their ostomy appliance. Comfort belts give some individuals longer wear-time out of their skin barrier, as well as a decrease in leakage. Those using convex skin barrier systems find that the support of the belt help their abdomen area even out, their stoma to protrude, and therefore drain more effectively into the pouch. Ostomates who are restless while sleeping find they have an added security wearing a belt. Those who are active sports enthusiasts might also find a particular style of ostomy belt permits them to be more active.

What are your ostomy belt options?

Depending on the brand you're using, the belt tabs may be located on the pouch, or the skin barrier/wafer. There are certain brands or products that do not include belt tabs. Take a look at your product or inquire with your vendor if you  have any questions! 

Similar to the comfort belt, a stealth belt also offers security for the user. They are designed different, with a thicker belt that goes around the body and a sack for the ostomy pouch to go into. Because of this design, the weight of the pouch and contents are more supported and there is less pressure on the skin barrier. Any time you are considering changes, you should consult your ostomy nurse or your vendor to discuss your options and figure out what best suits your needs. 


There are a variety of different sizes of belts available, and they should be worn snuggly. Ostomy belts should never be constrictive. The elasticity of the belts will be rejuvenated when washed, however, they may be required to be replaced periodically to be effective.