Ostomy Belts

Ostomy belts are an accessory to consider based on an ostomates comfort, and if they feel more secure with a belt supporting their ostomy appliance. Some individuals have stated that they feel they get longer wear time out of their skin barrier if they are wearing an ostomy belt, as well as a decrease in leakage. Those who use a convex skin barrier system have stated that the support of an ostomy belt helps their abdomen to even out better. This allows their stoma to protrude further, and therefore drain more effectively into the pouch.  Ostomates who are restless while sleeping might like the security that an ostomy belt provides. Those who are active sports enthusiasts might also find a particular style of ostomy belt permits them to be more active.

Certain brands of ostomy supplies will have tabs for a simple ostomy belt on the pouch, while other brands may have it on the skin barrier/wafer. It is good to bear in mind that certain ostomy product brands may not have belt tabs.

Other belts may be designed differently, in that the pouch can be inserted into a sack, and the weight of the contents can be supported so that there is less “pull” on the skin barrier.  This is often referred to as a “Stealth Belt.”  It is suggested you discuss options with your ostomy nurse or supplier, as well as doing your own research for which style(s) best suit your needs.

There are a variety of different sizes of belts available, and they should be worn snuggly. Ostomy belts should never be constrictive. The elasticity of the belts will be rejuvenated when washed, however, they may be required to be replaced periodically to be effective.