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Male External Catheters: What to know

Male External Catheters: What to know

An external catheter, also known as a condom catheter, is worn similarly to a condom instead of going inside the body like other catheter styles. The catheter has a hole at the end with tubing that connects to a drainage bag on your leg for urine collection. They are used for males as an alternative to absorbent products and are much less invasive than internal catheters (intermittent and indwelling). This style is sometimes preferred because of how easy it is to use and to change.

Condom catheters can be used for men with conditions such as urinary incontinence (inability to control your bladder), an overactive bladder, mobility issues caused by an injury or other conditions that create difficulties to get to the bathroom. In certain circumstances where an internal catheter has been deemed unsuitable (e.g., recurring UTIs), the male external catheter is a great alternative.

If you’re considering a condom catheter, it’s important to get the right size. Without proper fit, you will likely experience leaking. You can request a size guide and a few samples to ensure the best size, brand, and fit for you from your vendor.

Always consult your healthcare provider for information, recommendations, and answers to all your questions.

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