Love to go hot tubbing or swimming?

Do you love taking long baths, relaxing in a hot tub, or going swimming? Here are some tips to keep doing what you love without worrying about your barrier/flange coming loose.

Sure Seal Rings help protect water from getting behind your skin barrier wafer. They are thin circles or thin squares, used to reinforce the seal of the skin barrier to the skin around the stoma. A good seal will prevent water from getting behind the skin barrier wafer, which allows your skin barrier/wafer to stay on even when in the hot tub or swimming (assuming it is sealed properly around the skin barrier/wafer). 

Sure Seal Rings can also be used when traveling to warm or humid climates, as you may need extra protection from the skin barrier/wafer coming off due to excess perspiration. They are skin friendly and hypoallergenic, and are completely waterproof (assuming there are no bumps or gaps in the material when applied). 

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