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Cleansing the skin around your stoma

Cleansing the skin around your stoma

We all need to maintain good hygiene practices, but of course it's a little different for the skin around your ostomy site. Actually, great skin care can improve your flange/barrier wear-time and will maintain your skin's integrity!


    • It is recommended that a person with an ostomy inspect the skin surrounding their stoma each and every time they change their skin barrier wafer.  By doing this, you'll notice changes. This will help maintain the integrity of the skin.
    • The peri-stomal area (skin around the stoma) should be cleaned with plain water prior to applying a new barrier
    • You can also cleanse the skin with an ostomy skin cleansing product


    • Avoid soap and shampoos from getting to that area. These can leave film on the skin that make it difficult for your flange/barrier from adhering to the skin. 
    • If you notice any skin integrity changes around the stoma area, please don't ignore it! Consult your ostomy nurse or a healthcare professional.
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