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Incontinence Tips, Advice & Articles for Women

Incontinence Tips, Advice & Articles for Women

Did you know that 1 in 3 women will struggle with urinary incontinence (UI)? If this number seems high, it's because it is! Despite so many women struggling with involuntary leaks, incontinence seems like a taboo topic to talk about, but you shouldn't have to suffer in silence! If you're struggling with UI, we're here to help provide tips, articles, and answers, so you can move forward without anything holding you back from enjoying life and doing what you love doing most. 

Learn about Women's Urinary Incontinence

Most women experience urinary incontinence at some point in their life.  Learn about unexpected leakage and why it happens.

  • Unexpected leaks - the what and the why!
  • Types of Incontinences in Women
  • What Causes Incontinence in Women

Life with Unexpected Leaks

Maybe you stopped drinking water at night or stopped drinking that morning coffee before work. You don't have to! No one should have to live in fear. Learn more about how to continue living a healthy lifestyle and doing the things you love without leaks or UI holding you back. 

  • Dealing With Incontinence
  • Protection for Unexpected Leaking
  • Exercises to Help with your Unexpected Leaking

New Mothers & Pregnancy

  • Unexpected Leaking During & After Pregnancy
  • How Being Pregnant Affects Your Urinary Health
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