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CanDo® Slim® WaTE™ Bar


The color-coded CanDo® Slim® WaTE™ exercise bars come in weights ranging from 1 pound to 10 pounds. CanDo® bars are used in the supine, sitting, or standing position to increase strength and range-of-motion. Also use to improve endurance, balance, and motor skills. The bars are ideal for therapy, group classes, aerobics, yoga, and Pilates. The Slim® WaTE™ bars have a hangar end cap and anti-roll end cap.

Item#DescriptionU of M
10-1600CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 1 pound, tanEach
10-1601CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 1-1/2 pound, tan stripeEach
10-1602CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 2 pound, yellowEach
10-1603CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 2-1/2 pound, yellow stripeEach
10-1604CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 3 pound, redEach
10-1605CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 3-1/2 pound, red stripeEach
10-1606CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 4 pound, greenEach
10-1607CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 4-1/2 pound, green stripeEach
10-1608CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 5 pound, blueEach
10-1609CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 6 pound, blue stripeEach
10-1610CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 7 pound, blackEach
10-1611CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 8 pound, silverEach
10-1612CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 9 pound, silver stripeEach
10-1613CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 10 pound, goldEach
10-1623CanDo SLIM WaTE bar, 7-1/2 pound, black stripeEach