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CanDo® Soft Pliable Medicine Ball


Color-coded plyometric balls available from 1 to 30 pounds. Balls have soft, flexible rubber exterior shell. Balls have easy-to-grip rubber surface. Textured tactile surface is easy to grip, grasp and catch. Increase or decrease air in the ball to make ball easier to grasp. Use for upper body rehabilitation and fitness exercises. Balls can be used with trampoline rebounder and thrown back and forth with a partner.

Item#DescriptionU of M
10-3170CanDo PT soft medicine ball, 1 pound (rebounder ball), tan 5" diameterEach
10-3171CanDo PT soft medicine ball, 2 pound (rebounder ball), yellow 5" diameter Each
10-3172CanDo PT soft medicine ball, 4 pound (rebounder ball), red 5" diameter Each
10-3173CanDo PT soft medicine ball, 7 pound (rebounder ball), green 7" diameterEach
10-3174CanDo PT soft medicine ball, 11 pound (rebounder ball), blue 7" diameterEach
10-3175CanDo PT soft medicine ball, 15 pound (rebounder ball), black 9" diameterEach
10-3177CanDo PT soft medicine ball, 20 pound (rebounder ball), silver 9" diameterEach
10-3178CanDo PT soft medicine ball, 30 pound (rebounder ball), gold 9" diameterEach