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CanDo® Tubing BowTie™ Exerciser - 22"


Lightweight, compact and portable, the tubing exerciser helps perform strengthening and conditioning workouts on-the-go, even in your hotel room! Two permanent foam covered rigid handles give the exerciser comfort and a firm grasp. CanDo® is licensed to use the Thera-Band® color sequence so resistance level is easily identified. The BowTie exerciser is available in 7 levels of resistance for progressive exercise and 3 lengths to accommodate different needs.


Item#DescriptionU of M
10-5580CanDo Bowtie exercise tubing, Tan (XX-Light) 22"Each
10-5581CanDo Bowtie exercise tubing, Yellow (X-Light) 22"Each
10-5582CanDo Bowtie exercise tubing, Red (Light) 22"Each
10-5583CanDo Bowtie exercise tubing, Green (Light) 22"Each
10-5584CanDo Bowtie exercise tubing, Blue (Heavy) 22"Each
10-5585CanDo Bowtie exercise tubing, Black (X-Heavy) 22"Each
10-5586CanDo Bowtie exercise tubing, Silver (XX-Heavy) 22"Each