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DescriptionThermoTherapy dry heat/massage TT-202, 40-50lb capacity, mobile
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ThermoTherapy® Dry heat and Massage - TT-202, 40-50lb capacity, mobile:


ThermoTherapy Dry Heat Therapy describes a process of granulated or ground cellulose - Cestim being held in animated suspension by heated air forced through an air distributor and held captive by a housing and flexible Velcro® tightening sleeves. This process allows for a hand, wrist, foot, ankle, and on larger units, the lower leg, to be immersed in the Celstim medium. This treatment gently and warmly massages the extremity resulting in improved circulation, healing and comfort. On all models the lower panel can be removed to facilitate quick access to the blowers. Thermo Therapy units have a patient protector above the air distributor which eliminates static shock and moderates heat transfer. These units are dual thermostat protected to prevent overheating in both the treatment and the motor chambers. The TT-202 model’s extra large treatment chamber has an approximate 40 lb (18 kg) Celstim capacity with top and rear entry ports. There are two blowers housed in the unit. These blower motors are individually controlled and through independent speed manipulation and can provide varying airflow patterns.