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DescriptionCanDo Stretch-Rite strap
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Stretch Strap - Stretch-Rite™ model:


Stretch-Rite® strap features a non-elastic strap for stretching and conditioning every major muscle group including your arms, shoulders, torso and legs which makes it easy to perform each stretch properly and effectively. The Stretch-Rite® system features six ergonomically-shaped handgrips that offer a comfortable non-cinching hold and make it simple to adjust tension during the stretch. Stretch-Rite®'s patented handgrip positioning system helps you to individualize your stretching program and monitor your progress. As your flexibility improves you can increase your stretch by advancing to the next handgrip position. Each StretchRite® comes with a fully-illustrated, color foldout poster. The poster includes 20 very effective stretches and technique guidelines that allow you to enjoy quick results, including specially-designed stretches to help relieve heel spur pain and plantar fasciitis. Perfect for: Hamstrings, inner thighs & quads, Plantar Fasciitis & heel pain, Chest & shoulder pain, rehabilitation, Arthritis & osteoporosis, Improving overall flexibility.


Dimensions: 48" x 2" x 2"

Weight: 2.0 lbs