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Orders.ClassicHealth.Com > Exercise & Rehabilitation > Range of Motion > CanDo Over-Door Shoulder Pulley Exercisers with Visualizer Color System
DescriptionCanDo Visualizer color-coded shoulder exerciser w/pulley and door bracket
U of MEach
Product Details

CanDo® Overdoor Shoulder Pulley - Single Pulley with Door Bracket - Visualizer® Color System:


CanDo® Visualizer® overdoor shoulder pulley with single pulley and door bracket is used to increase should range of motion. Visualizer® rope allows user to achieve specific pre-defined levels of ROM. It is color-coded by ROM from yellow (least) to black (most). Portable exerciser can be easily transported and fitted to most doors. It can be used on the top, side or bottom of door. Each pulley has a swivel hook for seamless pulley action and large foam handles for comfortable grip. Extra-long rope can be used in the standing or seated position. Each exerciser comes standard with instructions pamphlet and retail packaging.


Dimensions: 5.25" x 2.25" x 5"
Weight: 1.0 lbs