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Orders.ClassicHealth.Com > Exercise & Rehabilitation > Balance Boards & Pads > CanDo Wobble Board
DescriptionCanDo 16" circular wobble/rocker board, 3" height, black
U of MEach
Product Details

Use the heavy-duty CanDo® balance board to strengthen and condition lower body. Improve ankle range-of-motion, balance, body awareness, and develop joint mobility and reaction skills. Balance board is durable, heavy-duty, and non-skid. The balance boards are made of a strong but lightweight plastic for portability. Available in 16" diameter round wobble board or 15 x 18" rectangular  rocker board formats. Each board can later be adjusted to change instability level or change board from wobble to rocker or rocker to wobble by purchasing additional MVP® instability balls and replacing them into the balance board insets.